Thursday, July 21, 2011

Financial Assistance For Your Notes That Are Non Performing


If you (the bank) are having problems with getting paid by anyone that you have done owner financing with and they are 2 or more months behind, they may be qualified to get help to pay you back.

People who qualify for this 1 Billion dollar tax payer funded program will receive an average of $35,000 each and up to $50,000. They must have had at least a 15 percent drop in income that the government considers to be beyond their control such as underemployment, unemployment due to the economy or an illness.

The federal government is robbing the tax payer blind by thousands of programs such as this. And you will have to pay it back. I would personally prefer to see that they lose their house if they can not afford it so the market can correct itself. Those who do have money will purchase their property.

The loan is a 0 percent interest loan that the government decided the tax payer will consider "forgivable".

Deadline to apply is July 22nd 2011. 

Tell them to go HERE if you need to get paid.


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