Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Can we keep doing this people? How about for people that ARE US Citizens and just to lazy to work?  Don't get me wrong. I have NO PROBLEMS with my tax paid money going to people who are severely mentally disabled. Those people need help. But from my experience in the rental business, I have found that about 95% of the people that have disability checks are perfectly capable of working. As a matter of fact, actually, most of them do work under the table jobs so they can scam the tax payer and still get their check. 

We can not continue to allow this crap to happen. It has to stop. Welfare fraud is out of control in this country and is simply something that we can not afford.


MD said...

Out of fairness, here's a link to a story addressing the validity of points made in this video. Some are true, others are false:

Dallas ® on September 28, 2011 at 10:35 AM said...

Looks like by that link you gave is a little skewed in itself.

Easy to look over that far left "debunking" that justifies it's claims with socialist commentary.

Almost every counter claim is twisted. So they guy says Social Security funds were used to develop it. They say no and that THA replaced 855 "worn out houses" with 1,300 new ones. I sure would like to know what a "worn out house" is.

Who gives a crap if Social Security paid for it or not. The reality is EITHER way the tax payer paid for it.

Each of these debunking claims is mixed up with a socialist agenda which invalidates it.

Don't be fooled by the tricky liberals that are running as fast as they can towards their own demise.

So that's my spin on the liberal propaganda :-)

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