Thursday, June 16, 2011

How To Training On Obtaining Criminal Background and Evictions via Public Information for Free

Click Here To Get Yourself To The Virginia Courts Website

To do a full criminal and civil background check you will need to check BOTH the General District Court "Case Information" and the Circuit Court "Case Information".

Click the link under General District Court that says Case Information. Put the Captcha code in and hit enter. Enter the court you are looking for. I like to search all of the surrounding areas. Roanoke County, Roanoke City, Salem, etc. Select either name search on traffic/criminal or on civil which will show previous evictions. Put their last name in and then a few letters of their first name. Change the data status to All. Then select search. 

Check their criminal and civil background in each town around where they have lived. Then go back and search the Circuit Court information as well.  That's it. All you have to do.

Now go and check to see if they are on the National Sex Offender Registry.

Click This Link HERE

Click Search the Sex Offender Registry. Put in the Captcha code. Then search by Name, Address, Zipcode, County, or City. Check your properties and see if you have any sex offenders living in the area. I guarantee you do because Roanoke City is full of them. Then see their photo and play the fun game, "name their perversion". Look at their photo when you hover the mouse over their house, you determine if they are a child molester, rapist, or whatever. Click their photo and it will reveal the answer.


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