Tuesday, April 12, 2011

REI Bulk Email Posting Guidelines

In order to keep our bulk email full of potentially relevant information that investors will will want to read in most cases, REI of Roanoke has developed some guidelines on what can be posted.

1. For rent ads are best suited for Craigslist where tenants go to look for property. http://roanoke.craigslist.org/

2. Houses, land, and other items for sale that are not at investor prices are better off being sold on the MLS or FSBO. 

The following is what I can post to our bulk email:
  • Wholesale houses or land (prices have to be at wholesale, no full value or slight markdowns). CLICK HERE TO DETERMINE IF IT IS WHOLESALE
  • Houses or land not wholesale but fair price with special conditions like owner financing
  • Businesses for sale, discounted pricing, must provide all relevant information including address, business name, gross income, expenses, and requested purchase price.Without this information, nothing will be posted.
  • Items / materials for sale (pawn shop type prices)
  • Tenants looking for a local place to rent with reasonable criteria. No "for rent" houses as no one in our group is looking for a place to rent. We need all of the details including what price range they are looking in, how many bedrooms, contact information and any other relevant info. 
  • Landlord related news
  • Things for free
Anything sent to REI MUST be completely ready to be sent out to the group. That is it is written as if you are writing it to the group, not to me. And you need to have your personal contact information on there at the bottom of it directing people who to contact so I don't end up becoming your free personal secretary. All I should be doing is cutting and pasting what you send. Nothing more. Thank you!


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