Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Get Your Judgement From Someone In The Military

Here's a little info on how to collect a judgment from someone who is in the military which I just had to do. 

The military requires a different garnishment process than what you typically would do to collect from your  deadbeat tenant. If your deadbeat tenant was a member of the military you attach their pay through what they call an involuntary allotment process. 

You send this form with a copy of the final judgment and military affidavit that you have to fill out before court. The final judgment must be certified by the clerk of court. You send that form, military affidavit, and the certified original copy of the final judgment along with 2 copies of everything to:

Defense Finance and Accounting Service
Cleveland DFAS-DGG/CL
PO Box 998002
Cleveland Ohio 44199-8002

 There is a different address to send to on the form if they are in the Coast Guard. And they will charge the former tenant $75 for having to set things up to pay you. Seems like a good process and preferred over having to do the normal court garnishment which costs you money. 


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