Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Money Saving Tip On Your Clean-Outs

I'm going to give you guys a fantastic money saving tip that I use on houses I buy that are full of garbage and houses that I'm getting ready to re-rent that the previous tenant left personal belongings. As you know, 95% of the stuff is complete junk. But one mans trash is another mans treasure.

For years I paid my guys to haul it off, paid the dump to take it, etc. This tip will extremely diminish the amount of stuff you have to haul off. Actually, when I do this most often I end up with just a few garbage bags of random things I can fit in the trash can.

This is what I do:

I first look to see what has been left behind and make a list. Example: A beat up couch, baby toys, some canned food, some chairs and a junk table, a lamp, a pot, a some ugly artwork, a coffee table, clothing, etc.

I then post ads in all of the appropriate areas of Craigslist a few days earlier saying YARD SALE, WHERE EVERYTHING IS FREE! In this case I would post it in the furniture section, garage sale section, kids toys section, etc. I will make a time and date lets say this Friday from 4:00 to 6:00pm. I will then re-post it again the day of the event.

I tell the story that I'm a landlord and rehab houses and sometimes end up with a whole bunch of stuff that I don't want. That I've accumulated too much stuff over the years and I don't have the time to be messing around with selling it on Craigslist or taking it to Happy's to sell. The reality is that it is junk to me and normally I would take it straight to the dump.

You will get a few scumbags that want to meet you there before the Free Yard Sale so they can get a jump on stuff but I always tell them No Can Do because I work and that is the only time I have available.

Here's the interesting part. When you show up at 4:00 typically you will have a crowd of 50-60 people waiting for you to get there. I'll push though the crowd and open the door. Look out and clear the way because most of the house will be empty within 30 minutes.

Lots of smiling faces walking out the door with this trash you inherited. You will be very surprised about the junk that people will take. You meet a bunch of nice people and everyone's asking you when you're going to do another one. And you just saved a whole bunch of money not having to pay someone to move the items and the dump to take it.

Try it out some time. It's fun, it saves money and you'll make a whole bunch of people happy. And for those of you who like to be environmentally friendly you're doing a good thing by recycling this junk.


Anonymous said...

That's great! Good for you, good for the community. Everybody wins!

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