Saturday, February 19, 2011

Murderer of Roanoke Elderly Landlord Sentenced

One of the murderers of 80 year old Roanoke landlord Harold Markham was sentenced today.

Markham was an elderly man just trying to make ends meet. He rented out an apartment in his house, gave 4 dollar hair cuts there and worked at an adult video store at night.

Markham was an animal lover and fed the stray animals in the neighborhood. So much of an animal lover that in 2005 when he lost his dog he ran an advertisement for more than 7 months offering a $3,000 cash reward. He said "He was just a special dog." " I just can't get over it. He was just my little boy."

What a great guy Markham was. A good hearted man that didn't deserve to be beat to death from these lowlifes.

Justin Lyn Musser 23, and Meghan Melissa Musser 20 moved into Harold Markham's and lived there for a month before deciding to viciously beat him to death because he didn't want to let them borrow his car.

The neighbors heard the commotion and saw Meghan smiling and laughing about the killing. The neighbor entered the unit and found Markham laying down with tears in his eyes, his mouth open and his teeth knocked out, cuts on his face, a broken nose and marks on his neck like he was choked.

Meghan was sentenced today and unfortunately only got "up to" 40 years in prision rather than being electrocuted to death or beat to death as she deserves. Sorry people, I call it as it is.

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