Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lowes Defective Drywall Lawsuit

One of our members tipped me off on a lawsuit against Lowes for defective drywall that was sold prior to 7/27/10. This is similar to the drywall that we have been hearing about that causes health problems, corrosion of metal pipes in your walls, damage to HVAC systems, etc. It has a slight rotten egg smell from the off gassing or VOC's of sulfur.

The court only required Lowe's to publish this information in only a few relatively obscure publications so many don't know about it. You may have seen it on the bottom of your Lowe's receipts lately.

The choices I see on the suit are to either get a
* $50 gift certificate if you bought it but can't prove it with a receipt
* $250 gift certificate if you bought it and can prove it
* $2,000 gift certificate if you bought it, can prove it and can prove damages, health issues or some issue directly related to the drywall.
* If you can prove you spent over $2,000 in drywall you can also get an additional cash reward of $2,500 along with the 2K gift certificate.

If you take the money you hold Lowes not responsible for all future claims and can not sue them if you find problems down the road.

As you know, $4,500 wouldn't even come close to covering the damages that could be caused by defective drywall over the years.

If you wish to not take any money from the settlement but want to have the right to sue Lowes in the future if you have damages you can prove you are required to officially "exclude" yourself from the settlement.

And if you do nothing at all (if you don't exclude yourself or don't take payment), you get no part of the above settlement and you forever give up your right to sue Lowes for any future claims related to the off gassing of sulfur from defective drywall.

For more information and claim forms click this link.


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