Friday, August 27, 2010

Roanoke Landlord Bill White Faces Civil Charges While Still In Prision

The Civil case against Bill White is over. The jury awarded $545,000 to the plaintiffs who received a letter from White making statements like "Dear Whiney Section 8 N-----", "dirty parasites", "patience with you and the government that coddles you runs thin" etc. He then went on to describe blacks as animals and Jews as demons.

The letter was sent by White after the five black females filed a discrimination lawsuit against their landlord in Virginia Beach. Their landlord (retired dentist John Crockett Henry) in Virginia Beach was accused of racial slurs and imposed a curfew for black residents only in his 30 unit apartment complex. They won this case as well.

Apparently Henry told one of the black females that the complex was his "ghetto tribe plantation" and that if she would "act like a human being, he wouldn't have to train her". He established a quiet time policy requiring them to stay in their apartments from 10PM to 6AM and engage in quiet activities. He also apparently was harassing them by serving trespassing notes to their guests.

Many other black tenants in his complex reported many good things about Henry saying these charges were false.

Henry lost the civil case and was ordered to pay $361,000 for violations of the Fair Housing Act. His loss was based on refusing to rent apartments to families with three or more children, restrictive rules on Blacks in the complex, verbal harassment of blacks in the complex and enforcing a limit of 2 children per family at the premises.


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