Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Grand Jury Indicts Roanoke Tenants for Beating Their Landlord To Death

Justin Lyn Musser, age 23 and Meghan Melissa Musser age 20 beat their elderly landlord, Harold Markham, age 80 to death because he refused to let them borrow his car.

Markham was still giving $4.00 haircuts out of his living room in his SE Roanoke home and rented a room to the Musser's. He also worked the evening shift at an adult video store on Williamson road to earn some extra income.

The neighbors saw the couple exit the house after beating Markham to death laughing and smiling and Meghan was gleefully saying "we killed the old man". Just prior to the beating they heard Markham yelling "Stop, Stop! Or I'll call the police!".

When the neighbors shortly afterward entered the house, Markham "had tears in his eyes" and was unresponsive.

The Mussers were later picked up in South Carolina.

Today they were indicted by the Grand Jury in Roanoke.

So what do you think landlords? Concealed weapon on you at all times a good idea or bad?


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