Thursday, July 15, 2010

Who Got These Unconstitutional Bills Passed?

It's very important that you contact your Virginia legislatures about these unjust bills and here are some more people you can contact if you have the ability to do so.

HB2563 of the 2005 Session - I believe this is the original bill that sticks it to us. It was later incorporated into HB1922
Republican Danny W. Marshall 804-698-1014

Democrat Ward Armstrong or 804-698-1010

Conservative Robert Hurt 434-432-4600

Democrat Virginia Senator Roscoe Reynolds also had a part in previous bills that lead to these.

HB2247 of the 2009 Session
Democrat William K Barlow (Bill) 757-356-0303

Republican Delegate Matthew Lohr and Republican Senator Ralph K. Smith in this past session tried to help us with HB396 . The bill they introduced completely took the owner out of the picture.

It was sent to the Committee of Counties, Cities and Towns and they "stalled" the bill or in other words shot it down not allowing it to even be voted on. They later supported the HB407 by Glenn Oder still requiring the property owner to pay the tenants bills.

Shortly afterward our friend Delegate Matthew Lohr Resigned.

The members on the Committee of Counties, Cities and Towns are:
Glenn Oder, Matthew Lohr, Riley Ingram, Robert Marshall, Daniel W. Marshall, Salvatore Iaquinto, Anne B. Crockett-Stark, Charles D. Poindexter, Donald W. Merricks, Barry D. Knight, James W. Morefield, James e. Edmunds, Christopher Stolle, James LeMunyon, Lionell Spruill, Onzlee Ware, Albert Pollard, Delores McQuinn, Algie Howell, Scott Surovell, Kaye Kory, and Luke Torian.

It's unfortunate and I was surprised to see that the majority (14 of 22) of these delegates that stopped the unconstitutional bill from being fixed are Republicans.

HB407 of the 2010 Session
Delegate G. Glenn Oder was the patron of HB407. 757-930-8683 Allowing owners to deduct a utility bill of the tenants from the security deposit which we couldn't previously do but we are not bill collectors and should not have the 3rd party responsibility of paying them anyways therefore this is unacceptable. I'm sure he was not aware that often a tenant will not pay the last month of rent or will damage the property in some way or another and the entire security deposit is often needed to cover losses.

....Tenants don't have the money to pay a two months security deposit. Shame on Onzlee Ware. He should have not done this to his district / constituents which is primarily in a low income rental area. To date he refuses to respond. His secretary answers that he's looking into it... as if he doesn't already know about it considering he is on the Committee of Cities, Counties and Towns and he is the one who decided to not let the bill by Senator Ralph Smith and Delegate Matthew Lohr get voted on. All of the other Senators and Delegates in this area are more than willing to talk about it, many of which said they would be patrons of a new bill.


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