Friday, July 30, 2010

Another Bomb Dropped on Small Business

The Federal Government just can't seem to stop itself from it's relentless attack against the people of this country. Now starting in 2012, you are required to send a 1099 to every single company that you spend more than $600 with within the year. EVERY ONE. From large big box stores like Lowes or Walmart to the small business who cleaned your carpets a few times or sold you a work vehicle. Repeated business meals at places like our El Rodeo meetings will also require 1099's. And don't forget about the utility companies like AEP, Roanoke Gas and the Water Authority. You will be required to record the Tax ID number of the seller for every purchase you make and keep close track of who goes over $600.

This was a little atom bomb tucked away in Health Care Reform Act. One little atom bomb of many. If they want to "close the tax gap" to fund the forced health care bill maybe they should consider removing all of those 12 million who have illegally entered the United States to work under the table while collecting welfare, foodstamps, social security that they did not pay into, child care, schools, jails at 50K per year per inmate, etc. The vagrants around Roanoke's Rescue Mission even all have FREE cell phones with FREE monthly plans. How will they survive without a cell phone???

Do you think those who are illegally employing illegal aliens are going to send 1099's? NOPE, this only will effect law abiding citizens. A good way to get the law abiding citizens to provide free health care for illegal aliens.

The one way out of it is if you pay for EVERYTHING with a debit or credit card. I wonder why they want all money funneled through the banks?

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