Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Case of the EVIL Landlord

In Portsmouth VA Collinswood Lake Apartment owner had a few units air conditioning units break due to the extreme heat. Which we all know can happen. That's when they break. When they are working hard to keep the place cool.

Tenants call the news and say things like "If you could imaging yourself in a steel box with no breezes, nothing, with nausia because of the heat, sweating like crazy...." As if there were no windows in the apartment and they haven't yet invented fans. The media pumps it up and tells their war stories about how terrible the conditions are for these people.

The landlord, a real nice guy, obviously had some troubles getting a couple of units systems repaired quickly and within 5 days, went out of his way and bought window units to help with the "terrible" conditions they were subjected to.

I just don't know how our ancestors got through live without air conditioning every day of the year. The landlord was clearly doing what he could to repair the cooling system but because he's the Rich Evil Landlord, 5 days without it and he should be tar and feathered.

Here is the original story and video:

by Brian Farrell

13NEWS /

PORTSMOUTH -- "I came down to my sister-in-law's, 'cause, thank God, her air is working," says Frances Parker, who turns 84 this week.

Her own air conditioning in her home at Collinswood Lake Apartments went out Saturday. Parker, who has heart trouble and arthritis, called to let management know via its answering service. By Monday, no repairs were made, prompting her to call again about the trouble in her apartment.

"Mine was between 86 and 90 degrees," Parker tells 13News. "It takes every effort, you know, just to go to the kitchen to get a glass of water on the hot days."

"It's almost unbearable. I'm sweating like crazy right now," says Donna Barkley who explains her air conditioning stopped working almost a week ago, likening her apartment to a "steel box with no breezes, nothing."

"Some units, they can fix immediately," says property owner George Eberwine, "some, it'll take a day to fix, depending on the parts we have to get."

Eberwine tells 13News as soon as a tenant calls with a problem about the air conditioning, someone contacts the company he employs to maintain the units. He disputes claims that some people have been without any way to cool themselves for almost a week.

"That is not normal," Eberwine says. "I'll put it that way. That would not be the normal procedure."

"I told 'em I had a 3-week-old baby here that just got over upper respiratory infection, but that's not considered and emergency," Tammy Barnes says.

The grandmother says she reported her problem last week, with a window unit showing up five days later.

"The rest of the house is ninety-some degrees, so once you take a shower, you're gonna sweat to death," says Barnes. "You can't breathe, you know? There's no air. When you move into an apartment, and it comes with heat and air, you're supposed to have air, you know?"

Eberwine assures 13News repairmen will take care of the central air conditioning units, acknowledging the window units are a temporary fix that's "better than nothing."

In the case of Parker, even the temporary fix wasn't in place at her apartment late Monday, which means she'll be spending more time at her sister-in-law's.

"You can't afford nowadays to go to the motel, so you're up the creek without a rowboat and a paddle," she concludes.


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