Thursday, May 6, 2010

Virginia Government Crackdown on Landlords

Landlords are getting attacked from every direction and here is the most recent.

The word on the street is at the Fair Housing seminar yesterday, the bureaucrats made it very clear that there is a new cowboy in town who will be very aggressive in persuing "offenders" and that they are presently setting up "sting" operations all over Virginia.

So to make it crystal clear, "offenders" will be those who will break discrimination laws such as advertising a place as "great for a young couple" or using words such as "safe" or "exclusive" in your ads as it may imply that you only rent to certain groups.

And an "offender" would accidentally say something harmless like "you would really like this particular apartment because it is nice and quiet with few children around".

And to make it crystal clear on what setting up "sting" operations all across Virginia means, I think it may have been better if they said "entrapment" operations because that is essentially what they will be doing.

It is my personal opinion that these laws may have been needed at one point in time but we are well past it. I see quite a bit more discrimination against landlords than I see the other way around.

To brush up on Fair Housing Laws click here for The American Bar Association's writup on what to watch out for.


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