Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Unlisted Commercial Property Available

Westlake Village…across from Kroger's and up from Grand Piano.

Owe 2.4 million

Will take 2.75 million

Original appraisal was for 2.99 million

As is appraisal now is 2.1 million

85% occupied appraisal is 2.6 million

Upper Level….

 Harvey Dentistry, 25%($4850), 5 year lease, $13/sq

Atlantic Bay, 20%($4350), 5 year lease, $13/sq

1200 square feet unoccupied next to ABMG…..ABMG will vacate upon request

Lower Level

 State Farm…..1250 sq ft, $1200/mo

Acquisition Title….1200 sq ft, 1150/mo

3 1200 sq ft bays….one already built out

One 1800 sq ft bay

One 3000 sq ft bay

Taxes are 1200/mo

Maintenance around $500/mo

Utilities around 750/mo.

This is a great deal once occupied…..  


 419/East Main…corner of East Main and 419(where the old Spanky's was)

2.1 million sales price

2 million appraised value

Fully occupied

15100/mo rent

Utilities 0/mo

Maintenance $500/mo

Taxes $1250/mo

For info call or contact Bob Williams at: bobwilliams@atlanticbay.com  540-537-3112


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