Friday, April 16, 2010

Spanky's Free Food Give Away Crashed By The Health Department and the Police

Everyone was having a great time. People were really enjoying all of the free food, drinks, etc.

A police officer rode by on his bike and decided not to allow Spanky to have water balloons thrown at him. I think for the purpose for having to have government permits to be able to have a water balloon thrown at you.

Well, that didn't totally spoil the event. We were still having a bunch of fun. Roanoke Times Columnist Dan Casey was there and and we were having some great conversation, right up till the point where a member of the health department showed up, showed her badge and told Spanky that he is not allowed to give away free food.

Dan Casey reasonably asked the authoritarian why doesn't she go mess with people smoking in bars or something. She said she can't because the police have to take care of that. But she proclaimed to have the authority to shut down someone giving out free food. Dan took her contact information down so he could write a story about this event.

Spanky, being a level headed guy, packed it up and the fun was over. The Government has won again in it's desire to control our lives.  This police state has really gotten out of control!!!


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