Monday, April 19, 2010

FREE Credit Score, Credit Karma vs WalletHub

All investors should closely monitor their credit score. Credit Karma is a great place to go to get your credit score for free. And it's remarkably accurate. If you go back every month, from a reminder email you will get, you can keep it updated and you will constantly know where you stand. For those of you who need a higher credit score, talk to me in person and I'll teach you how to get those items that are not yours off permanently.
Click here for the Credit Karma website

The new big competitor on the block to Credit Karma is a company called Wallet Hub. They are the first and only website currently to offer FREE credit scores and full credit reports that are UPDATED DAILY. To make money for the free services, Credit Karma recommends products from their sponsors which excludes a large subset of the market from consideration. Offerings form Wallet Hub will be specifically designed to save you money based on your credit information.

Check them out here:

And click here for an interesting comparison of the top players:


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