Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2nd Meeting - FANTASTIC!!!

Things I liked about tonight's meeting + a few suggestions!!!
  • El Rodeo - really roomy and quiet. Table with sign in & name tags a must for awhile...20-25 people's names are hard to remember...therefore, hard to network...keep them in...insist nicely for all to wear
  • Tim Hogan - leader at the end of the table...speaker at the other end...worked well.
  • Ordering food...while some networking going on...leader quickly call meeting to order, intro of speaker and turn over to speaker...for ___ minutes...up for debate? Keeps attention.
  • Q&A of speaker...strongly encourage...however, leader can limit due to timekeeper
  • List of attending folks...members...or whatever we want to call our attendees...this would be posted on http://www.reiofroanoke.com/ as well as other "lists" of important stuff we as investors find useful that other investors would find useful...
  • Vote for Mike Powell!
  • Once speaker is finished...leader to open floor for "Deals Time" ...Tim did a great job helping folks talk about deals he knew they have for sale...sometimes folks need that nudge
  • Round table intro - I like it...short, but REALLY meaningful to regulars AND newbies.
  • Nail down exec team next meeting!...possibly a separate email group...maybe not, just use postings to decide business stuff
  • Dropbox.com - I'll talk in detail next meeting...will check into a portable view screen & projector
  • http://www.reiofroanoke.com/ - GOT TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TO THIS SITE!!!!...may take some getting used to...however, I do believe all will like it!
  • Links, sponsors, outreach....teams...best way to accomplish stuff!



Real Estate Investors of Roanoke™ on April 28, 2010 at 8:09 PM said...

I liked the whole structure of the meeting as well. I'm excited about this group. Big things are going to happen. A group of intelligent people of this caliber can make quite a difference

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